The Masters Platinum Retreat & Mastermind

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With coaches Jane Atkinson & Joe Calloway

and guest advisor Kris Young, Speaker/Entertainment Agency VP

Wealthy Speaker Team


This 11 month program is designed to catapult your speaking business and accelerate your growth.

Bringing together 3 top experts, each from different perspectives, we’ll present you with a solid path to increased revenue and business satisfaction.

  • Are you struggling to re-invent your topic, brand and value proposition?
  • Has your business growth leveled off?  Would you like to bump your fees?
  • Would you like to up your game on the platform?
  • Could you use a shot of adrenaline and some advanced ideas?
  • Would a fresh set of eyes (from people who have actually done it) be helpful?

Sometimes you can’t read the label when you are inside the jar!  Join us for the Masters Platinum Retreat and Mastermind.  An 10 month journey.

The Wealthy Speaker U Master’s Course features:

Grand Hyatt Atlanta in Buckhead

  • Limited group size – maximum 10 seasoned speakers
  • One face-to-face kick off mastermind retreat in at the Grand Hyatt Atlanta in Buckhead (see agenda below)
  • One 60 minute group mastermind call per month (final call in January 2016) with an open forum to provide accountability and insight.  Joe to participate in some of group coaching calls.
  • Three private coaching calls (30 minutes each) with Jane to help ensure you are moving your strategy forward
  • Three private coaching calls with Joe (30 minutes each) to ensure that you are leveraging your strengths to your greatest advantage
  • Access to a seasoned bureau/meetings expert to test your topic, marketing and positioning
  • Email Q&A with Joe & Jane
  • Books/Video (Included in price) The Wealthy Speaker 2.0 Book and Workbook by Jane Atkinson,  The Epic Keynote (eBook) by Jane Atkinson.  Diary of a Killer Keynote Video download (Calloway/Atkinson), Becoming a Category of One by Joe Calloway, Being the Best at What Matters the Most by Joe Calloway.
  • A Marketing Material Review.  Bring your materials to the retreat (or email your website ahead of time) we’ll review all existing marketing – along with bureau executive Kris Young.
  • Access to 10 pre-recorded modules that follow Jane’s Ready, Aim, Fire™ process – see topics below.
  • Complimentary access to recordings and modules for your marketing manager or administrative support person
  • Access to Jane’s quarterly teleclasses with guest experts
  • Access to Jane’s private teleclass library with a wide range of topics from platform skills to social media
  • Private discussion board to allow participants to develop community and ask questions beyond face-to-face retreat
  • Special price for returning Masters Platinum Members.


Outcomes to be expected:

  • ALIGNMENT: Your marketing will become much more effective through alignment of your topics, your expertise, your books or products, your image, your website, your social media, and all messaging.
  • CLARITY: Get clarity on your positioning in the marketplace – the key factor in attracting business.
  • BOOKINGS: Learn the keys to getting bookings with bureaus, production companies, and agencies.
  • ACCELERATION: Discover what’s getting in the way of your career acceleration, and how to remove the obstacles
  • VALUE: Create more rock solid value with all of your presentation and product offerings.
  • PRESENTATIONS: Learn the keys to epic keynotes and training presentations from Hall of Fame platform master Joe Calloway.
  • MONETIZE:  And learn how to monetize ALL of it with higher fees, more bookings, and greater overall revenue.

Program Logistics:

  • Program dates: March 27, 28, 29, 2015.
  • Group coaching calls will be held on 2nd Wednesday of each month 1-2pm Eastern (some adjustments may be made).
  • Miss a Call?  No worries, all calls will be recorded

Kick off Retreat Agenda:

  • Friday, March 27th at 5pm. We wrap up at noon on Sunday, March 29th, 2015.

To Qualify:

  • This program is designed for people who are seasoned in the speaking industry – 5 years or more
  • Speakers who earn $5000 or greater per speech
  • Schedule a brief (15 minute) call with either Joe or Jane before signing up

Join us if:

  • You are looking for a strategy to take your business to a new level.
  • You seek accountability but not hand holding
  • You don’t want to do your business alone.
  • You want to tap into Jane and Joe’s 40+ years of expertise in the speaking business.
  • You want access to corporate meeting executive Kris Young, VP of BX Worldwide – a global resource for speakers and entertainment. (Kris will be available at retreat and for some consulting post retreat).

Please do not join us if:

  • You are looking for a “get rich quick scheme”.  Our program is solid.  One great idea can easily pay for your program – but you need to take action.
  • You are unsure or uncommitted about moving your business forward. We are looking for 100% commitment. Space is limited, so please don’t take a spot from someone else.

Learn About Our Faculty:

Joe Calloway

Joe Calloway

Joe Calloway: Coach, Wealthy Speaker University For over 30 years Joe Calloway has been advising companies on how to improve performance and results. As a speaker Joe has been inducted into the CPAE Speakers Hall of Fame, and the Legends of Speaking Hall of Fame. Joe is the author of five ground-breaking business books, including the best-selling Becoming A Category of One. As a coach and advisor to speakers, Joe helps them get clarity and focus on their strengths, and how to leverage those strengths into a powerful value proposition.


Jane Atkinson

Jane Atkinson

Jane Atkinson: Coach, Wealthy Speaker University Jane Atkinson has been helping speakers catapult their careers for over 20 years. She started as an agent and after several years moved to VP of a Dallas speakers bureau, and has run her consulting company Speaker Launcher for the last decade. Jane’s book “The Wealthy Speaker 2.0”, has been called “the bible” of the speaking industry and her new book “The Epic Keynote: Presentation Skills and Styles of the Wealthy Speaker” is due out early May 2014. Read More on Jane.


Kris Young

Kris Young

Kris Young, Advisor, Wealthy Speaker University Kris Young is VP of BX Worldwide, a global source for speakers and entertainment. With two decades of experience in bureaus and production companies, she embodies the idea that results focused event programming can drive business strategy. Always much more than a “bureau booking agent”, Kris’ groundbreaking work is such that the bureau and meetings industries have not seen before. That’s why you need to listen! In 2007, Kris was named the National Speakers Association Meeting Partner of the Year and is coauthor of, “NEVER BY CHANCE, Aligning People and Strategy Through Intentional Leadership.”

About the Masters Platinum Retreat and Mastermind:

   “As speakers, we interact with a lot of people – meeting planners, audience members, CEOs. But we don’t often get to sit down with a group of professional speakers and expert coaches like Jane, Joe, and Kris to get the feedback we need. Starting with our in-person kickoff in Las Vegas and then for ten more months, I got to ask all the nitty gritty questions that I grapple with on a daily basis. This trio of dedicated and knowledgeable experts changed my speaking business by giving me invaluable insights – from three very different perspectives – on keynote content, my website, topic titles, negotiating, even details like room set-up and introductions. So worth the investment no matter how new or how seasoned a speaker you are!”
–  Libby Gill, Executive Coach, Author, Speaker


warren“Speaking isn’t an easy business to be in; at least not for me, so I’m constantly looking for ways to maintain that edge, to remain relevant. Being part of the 2014 Platinum Masterclass did exactly that for me; having not one but THREE world class coaches to bounce ideas of off, being challenged to see a bigger picture and play a bigger game. I’ve seen immediate returns in spinoff from my improved speech, and renewed clarity in reworking a product I’d given up on. Highly recommended for those wanting to up their game.”
– Warren Macdonald, Speaker, Author


michelle-ray-001-200x300“As a participant in the Masters Platinum program, I was able to gain invaluable insights into the business of speaking from Jane Atkinson, Joe Calloway and Kris Young that would not have been possible without the kick-off retreat and coaching calls that followed. The greatest benefit for me was the opportunity to be ‘up close and personal’ with Jane and Joe for ten months; to be able to tap into their knowledge in order to refine my value proposition, my brand and most importantly for me, to take my presentation skills to a higher level of client satisfaction and spin-off. The business is complex and ever-changing. Being a part of this group, sharing similar challenges and experiences, made it easier to stay focused, energized and passionate about my career.”
Michelle Ray, CSP, Leadership Expert, Author


Motivational-Speaker-S-Greenberg_200“Master’s Platinum connected me with world class speakers and some of the best speaker consultants in the industry. Jane, Kris and Joe are masters of the art and business of speaking. Their expertise combined with the feedback, ideas and support I received from the other speakers completely transformed my career.
– Scott Greenberg, Jump Start Performance Programs

What kind of topics will be covered on
the monthly mastermind calls?

With Ready, Aim, Fire™ in mind, our group will follow the agenda below.  However please note – mastermind calls will be based on the individuals needs – this is an advanced group, so the expectation is that the conversations will be high level “move your business forward” oriented.


The agenda for the ONLINE LEARNING modules will follow this approach.

MONTH #1 – Reinventing your lane. When it comes to your topic, seasoned speakers need to constantly be asking “what’s next?”

MONTH #2 – Creating a Great Promise Statement (and/or Brand) that will sell. The right language will make all the difference!

MONTH #3 – Building Websites that Sell. Avoid mistakes that will cost you business.  Having all of the right content and language will pay off heavily.

MONTH #4 – Delivering a Killer Keynote. You’re already a great speaker, let’s step it up a notch!

MONTH #5 – Raising Fees. Get your strategy in place to move towards higher fees and get paid in full.

MONTH #6 – Technology Tools for Sales and Marketing. Put systems in place that will allow your business to grow rapidly.

MONTH #7 – Selling to Decision Makers and Meeting Planners. The inside track on how to get booked again and again.

MONTH #8 – Developing Product – Getting that Book in Print. Once booked, you can triple your fee with product sales.

MONTH #9 – Developing Your Rock Star Demo Video. Show your prospects exactly what they need to see to secure the gig.

MONTH #10   Hiring the Team that Will Help You Reach Your Goals. Who are the key players to implement your strategy?


All of this amazing content and coaching and your investment is just $7595.   Join us ONLY if you are 100% committed to growing your business in 2015.

Save by paying all at once, or use our convenient payment plan.  Remember, one booking may pay for your entire year.




The results to be expected from this program:  although you are already a busy speaker, you will move your business forward to the next level, on a consistent basis, while having expert coaches by your side. By doing this, you’ll take the steps required to book better speeches at higher fees while avoiding costly mistakes along the way. If better systems are required, they’ll be put into place and we’ll focus on developing other streams of income. We’ll be expanding your empire!

Cancellation Policy: Our goal around cancellations is simply to ensure that a spot does not go unfilled due to a last minute cancellation.


  • Before March 1 – receive 90% refund
  • After March 1 – 70% refund (unless we can rebook spot)
  • After March 27th launch – non-refundable.