The Emerging Speaker Business Booster Webinar

The Emerging Speakers Business Booster FREE Webinar Reveals...


and Position Yourself As An Expert to Get Paid What You Are Worth … Even If You Have No Clue How To Get Booked! 

jane atkinson
jen mcdonough

with Speaker Coach and Industry Expert Jane Atkinson

and Accelerate Course Coach Jen McDonough

Imagine that every day is a perfect day in your life as an expert who speaks. Your life is exactly what you have set it out to be. You fly first class, you get picked up in limos, your calendar is as full as you want it to be. Imagine...

  • You get paid what you're worth every time.  
  • You're a highly sought after thought leader.  
  • You love your time on stage and you rock it. 
  • Every engagement leads to more business. We're sharing the steps that lead to this perfect day! 

In This Free Webinar You'll Learn the Importance of:


 You will learn the 3 keys to positioning yourself as the expert in your field and getting paid what you are worth.


From your website to your marketing materials, discover how to show your real value so the people who will hire you see your real worth.


Learn everything from creating your EPIC speech to building products that generate revenue beyond the stage.

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