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Accelerated Learning to
Catapult Your Business

With Jane Atkinson, Author, The Wealthy Speaker

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“Jane’s excellent advice helped me to identify my speaking “lane” where I could make a difference and make money. It’s a win-win! When I started Jane’s program, I knew that I wanted to speak professionally but didn’t have a plan. Jane’s program helped me to take my ideas and make them concrete and actionable. I am now pursuing professional speaking full-time, something I couldn’t (or wouldn’t) have done without this experience.”

-Julie Holmes

Want to get booked more often at higher fees? Have a coach who’s been there and done it for more than 20 years at your side! Dear Speaker, Having helped many, many speakers over these 2 decades, I realize that the profession can be quite mysterious.  Everyone tells you “you need to do this, you need to do that”… but how do you really know the most strategic moves?  Having a coach at your side, who’s been there and done it, can help! I might help you get to your goals faster with less time and less money invested! This program was designed for people who are on a start-up budget, but want to shorten their learning curve. Perhaps you don’t want to make the same mistakes many other speakers have made? This program will shave time off your acceleration and will introduce you to the 20 years of knowledge and experience that Jane Atkinson brings to the table.